Trouble Saving? Try This…

You are trying to do it right. You do a monthly spending plan. You make sure you aren’t going into credit card debt. But you still can’t manage to save money.


– Probably because something always comes up
– Probably because by the end of the month there isn’t quite enough
– Probably because you don’t think its worth it given the small amount

Is this you? It’s time to automate.

Instead of trying to save whatever is left over for the month, make saving a priority by doing it FIRST, before anything else is paid for. I like to call this paying your future self because that is really what you are doing.

Pick a number that is reasonable for you to save every month. Start low if needed. And set up an automatic transfer from your paycheck to your bank account, if possible. And then you’re done!

By doing this, you are removing the decision-making process out of saving and letting technology take over. If this works for you bump up that automated transfer until you feel satisfied with that savings account. Viola!