Business Cash Flow Coaching



I help service based entrepreneurs understand their business finances.

My clients love what they do and are bringing in good revenue, but they aren't confident with what's happening after that money hits their bank account.

Maybe you want to grow, but aren't sure you're ready. Maybe you think your operating expenses are too high, but you aren't sure how to cut back. Maybe you're nervous about taxes, and what that bill will be at the end of the year.

You started your business to do what you love, not deal with financial stuff.

But the reality is, the financial stuff is there, waiting, looming.

My goal is to educate and empower my clients to become the CFO of their business, so they understand their numbers and can make strategic business decisions from them.


We do it by working together, step by step, to ensure your systems, numbers, and action plan is customized for YOUR unique vision for your business and life.

How coaching works:

  • We will use a cash flow management tool (sounds scary, but promise it's not!) to build projections and allocate cash into different buckets like tax, payroll, and operating expenses.
  • Use the numbers from the system to help answer business questions, like if you can pay yourself more, or if you can hire more staff. (Hint: I almost ALWAYS want my clients to pay themselves more!).
  • Work with your CPA and bookkeeper to ensure all financial aspects of the business are being considered (Don't have these peeps yet? No worries).
  • Empower you to become the CFO of your business (and life) by educating you on financial areas you aren't comfortable with and working through money mindset issues.
  • Identify your biggest financial stressors and build action/contingency plans to eliminate them.
  • Ensure you're using your resources in a way that matters to YOU. Giving back, buying better, and supporting other businesses that you want to see succeed.

Sound Amazing?

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