My Top Tricks To Get Money Motivated

My top tricks toI sat down with the pile of receipts cursing myself.

I hadn’t tracked my money in two months. TWO FULL MONTHS. Sure, I had a baby during that time and was on maternity leave, but i’m a Money Coach. I LOVE this stuff. How did I get so behind?

Basically, life happened. My focus was elsewhere and we were off track. I wanted to get back on track, focusing on my spending, working towards goals and paying attention to my money. But how? All I wanted to do was sleep. And buy new clothes that fit.

Everybody gets off track at some point. It happens to my clients and it happened to me after having my son. You lose momentum, you become complacent, you can’t muster motivation.

How do you get motivated to get yourself back on track? Hint: Its all mental.

I trick my mind into action by focusing on gratitude.

Before you look to add more to your life (money, clients, vacations, etc), its important to look around and appreciate what you already have. Its important to show gratitude for everything in your life, but I have found these four gratitude practices really help jump start my financial mojo:

I show gratitude for the food I have by using up what I have in the pantry. This fires up my creative juices making interesting meals with ingredients we have and saves me grocery money.

I show gratitude for the “stuff” I have by organizing it. Clear out a space, only keeping and displaying items you either love or have a practical function. This creates space for new things in your life.

I show gratitude for my mental space by unsubscribing to emails. Maybe its just me, but my inbox gets out of control really quickly! I sit down and do an unsubscribe marathon a few times a year, to make sure I’m only letting into my inbox what really needs to be there. This allows my focus to return to the things that are important to me.

I show gratitude to the money I have by looking for money I have forgotten. Have I forgotten about coupons, rewards, checks, etc? I make a list over the course of a couple days. Try it, you will be surprised at what comes up for you. This gets you some extra cash flow and shows the universe you take care of what you have.

All goals, but especially financial goals, take TIME. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Losing momentum isn’t a sign you can’t do this, or its too hard, it just shows that you are human. You are going to have to decide to stay on the journey again and again. Every time you make that choice you move yourself towards your ultimate goals.

Now I want to hear from you. Which of these tips are you going to try in your own life to amp up your money mojo? Or what other tricks do you use to get back on track?