A Quick Tip To Spending Less This Holiday Season

overwhelmed-by-christmas-costsI’ve told you before that I like to shop. But I HATE shopping during the holiday season. The closer the holiday gets the more the inventory is picked over and the crowds crazy-town.

You better believe when I’m fighting crowds on December 20th trying to check the last few items off my list, I will grab the first thing I see, regardless of cost, just to get out of there.


The closer you get to the holiday, the more likely you are to overspend.

Another advantage of shopping early is spreading out the holiday costs over two months (or more!). Most people spend more on Christmas than they can afford in one month. That is why Christmas feels so stressful. You take a monthly budget that is just barely working during a normal month and load it with a ton of extra expenses.

Spread holiday expenses between multiple months so December doesn’t have to take the full burden.

When you shop early, you shop smarter. So start shopping, now! Save your wallet and your sanity.