Life Too Busy To Look at Your Money Stuff? Read this…

Don't wait till it gets better to get startedWe want our financial lives to be linear. Your salary, savings and net worth continually increasing.

But that isn’t real life.

Real life is layoffs, jobs you hate, medical issues, and kids. Real life is “I don’t care how much the pizza costs, just order it.”

As you ebb and we flow through life, so will your money.

Maybe you are in a season of life where you feel strained. Your income has dipped, your expenses are up, you have pulled out the credit card a time or two.

I hear you.

Know that it’s ok to go through these periods. It’s normal. And other people are going through the same thing too, it’s just hard to find those stories through the glitter of social media.

Maybe it isn’t the right time for you to re-negotiate your insurance or sell off your extra stuff. But even when you feel like you are in the trenches, keep yourself in check with your money.

Don’t wait until it gets better to get started.

Know your numbers. I preach this from the rooftops and will continue to. There is power in knowing your numbers. Even when you don’t like them, stay in touch with how much you are spending and what your monthly totals of income and expenses are.

Know where you are going. When you know your numbers, it becomes pretty easy to figure out how far away you are from turning things around. Map it out. There is power in knowing what you need.  Maybe $1,000 more a month would help you pay off your credit card faster and help cover childcare expenses.

Run the numbers. Set goals. Break it down. 

Most importantly, give yourself some grace. Life, money, it’s not all perfect. Stay engaged though the hard seasons and you be able to contain the chaos and work your way back to financial stability.