Is Being Too Nice Breaking Your Budget?

What if your friend knew that the baby gift had to go on the ever growing credit card balance? That you couldn’t sleep last night, stressed about how you are going to replace your laptop that is on the fritz?

What if your friends and family (or even the cable sales man) knew your TRUE financial trade-off?

Now, before you think I’m totally selfish and mean for telling you to cut back on doing and buying things for other people, hear me out.

I only want you to cut the things that aren’t bringing you joy. If it’s important to you, make it work with your numbers. Cool?

But if it isn’t, let’s make some changes. Flex the ‘no’ muscle. Prioritize your financial security, one small decision at a time.

Gift giving is the #1 category that surprises my clients when they start tracking their spending. It always falls under the radar and comes in higher than expected (even for me, I will admit). So, even if you think this doesn’t apply to you, I challenge you to track your purchases made for someone else’s benefit for 2-3 months to give yourself an accurate assessment.

And if the numbers come in high? You’re not alone. We are all working on this together. Here are some ideas to help you decrease your spend:

  • still buy it, but get creative and decrease the amount you spend
  • say ‘no’ to one event (then another, then another)
  • find a way to do it differently and add some joy to the process (e.g. take a friend out to lunch, instead of buying her a sweater)

You’re still a nice person. You can still do for others. But it’s time you start putting yourself first and prioritizing your financial security above all else. It seems simple, I know it’s not. But if you take it a step at a time, harness your inner moxie, and stay the course, you will see the change that brings the greatest joy: peace of mind.