25 Ways to Make More Money this Year


Cut your spending.

Pay off your debt.

Streamline. Optimize.

Make sure you save.

Invest properly.

Ugh! There is so much that you need to think about when it comes to managing your money. There is so much, in fact, that sometimes the focus of money management starts at the point that you receive money.

But managing the money you already have is only half of the money management equation.

It’s time to put a bigger focus on earning money.

Because the fact is, you can do more with your money, and your life, if you make more money. I’m not saying you need to make a million dollars to live a happy life, but wouldn’t it be nice to earn a little more to help push your goals along?

How would it feel to earn 10% more? 20%? What about 50%?

It feels GOOD right? Powerful. Like your dreams are possible.

The truth is: The world needs the good guys to be earning more money.

To spend in your community, donate to causes that matter to you, pay off your debt, and build your savings. And when you are taken care of financially, something really cool happens. You feel emboldened to take bigger risks in your life. Like starting the business, making the big move, or buying the house. And each time one of your dreams becomes a reality you are showing people that THEIR dreams are possible too. Plus you get to live a pretty cool life.

Ok, have I convinced you that more money would be pretty cool to have and it’s yours for the taking?


Now let’s give you some ideas to get it started.

If you own a business…

1. Send a sales email to your subscribers and followers
2. Run a sale or promotion for an existing product or service
3. Reach out to past clients with a new service
4. Create a new product or service you can promote to your existing customers
5. Send an email to your network telling reminding them about your product/service and to keep you in mind for referrals

Most business owners I talk to have amazing products and services, but they aren’t letting their audience know about them often enough. Or they aren’t communicating the true value from the service. Put yourself out there, be honest about the results your service gives to your clients, and give people the chance to continue to work with you.

If you have a job you like…

1. Ask for a raise
2. Go for the promotion
3. Apply for a different job internally
4. Go for the bonus
5. Work overtime

Have you ever negotiated or asked for raise? The answer for most women especially is no. And it’s hard! If it is time for you to promote yourself within your existing job role or company, collect evidence of what you have contributed to the team. Research a script you can follow on how to bring up the topic with your boss or other relevant parties. But mostly, just for it. 

If you need a new job…

1. Update your resume
2. Scan job boards 3x per week
3. Post on social media about what you’re looking for (your people want to help you!)
4. Schedule coffee dates with your business network to connect
5. Apply, apply, apply

Looking for a new job can be a full-time job. But ultimately, you need to be in a job where you are happy and have a good career trajectory to flourish AND make good money. Everyone deserves that. So take it a baby step at a time. And know it might take 100 rejection letters, but you just need one yes.

If you need a new career…

1. Research new education or certifications
2. Shadow someone in your desired career
3. Build your network by going to industry events
4. Check out the library for books related to the topic
5. Explore and be open

Before I discovered Money Coaching, I had a few months where I thought I should be a photographer. I had no photography experience, it just seemed like a fun thing to do. But the more I sat with it and did some exploration, I realized that wasn’t the right choice for me. I did this several times until I discovered Money Coaching. When it felt right I knew it was time to start taking bigger action to make my new career a reality.

If you need fast cash…

1. Sell something (FB marketplace, Offer Up, etc.)
2. Babysit, housesit, petsit
3. Start a side hustle
4. Drive for Uber
5. Take marketing surveys (google ‘local marketing focus groups’)

Ok driving for Uber might not be a long term solution, but my point is, there are opportunities out there to make some extra cash. You just have to find the one that works for you. Of course, you can only sell so much stuff, at some point you will need one of the other categories listed to create a profitable career. But, sometimes you just need some cash!

This list is not comprehensive but intended to get you thinking about how you can apply these ideas to your life. Shift your focus to earning (not just managing) money.

We live in an abundant world. Your job is to find your corner of it and maximize its potential.

It’s out there. Go get it!