One Simple Way To Take Care Of Your Money

IMG_4695Clean out your wallet.

Whether you think it sounds “woo woo” or not, money has an energy. It demands to be treated with respect and doesn’t like to be ignored.

Just like our language affects our wealth, so does our daily interaction with money.

Crumpled up bills in your wallet send the message that they don’t matter!

And don’t forget to keep the change. A penny is money too, give it a home and a job to do, even if it’s just a change jar for a fun night out.

So go through your wallet today and

– throw out old items
– take out items you don’t regularly need (women are especially prone to carrying more than we need!)
– arrange your bills neatly, in ascending order
– keep the change!

Completing this simple chore will lighten your load and make room for more green stuff!