Don't let money stress hold you back.

Whether you want to grow your business, write big checks to your favorite charities, or have more control over your time...

Money is the key to making it happen.

You have been sold a lie. Your financial success was never based on your latte habit. That way of thinking teaches you to "make do" with what you have instead of building systems and strategies to create MORE for your life.

To create real wealth, you have to start with a strong foundation. It starts with...
Building a system to track and understand your numbers. Being intentional with your spending. Maximizing your earning potential. Investing in yourself AND your future.

Hey, I'm Nicole!

I believe in a holistic approach to money that combines your numbers, values, beliefs, and dreams. I do this by combining my corporate finance background with the stuff they don’t teach you in school…. money mindset. When women are confident and empowered by their finances, anything is possible. I’m here to show you the way. Anyone can get their money stuff together, are you ready?


Your Future is Waiting


Your hopes, desires, and dreams are unique. Your money advice should reflect that.

Whether you need to get out of debt or increase your income it's all about starting where you are.

Take the quiz to get your customized roadmap to ditch money stress and find the freedom to finally start the side hustle, travel more, and change your life.

If you landed on this page because you don't think you are good with money, I'm here to tell you it's not true.
Everyone can be good with money, with some knowledge and some guidance.

I believe in a balanced approach that allows you to live your life AND hit your financial goals.

That’s why I created the Balanced Money Method™.

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What People are Saying

I used to be in constant fear and uncertainty, and it felt like I never had enough. I was always in panic mode. I was so afraid Nicole would put me on a strict budget and I wouldn’t be able to buy the things I valued, but it was just the opposite.

I am now so much more connected to my money and feel a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders.

-- Melissa, Health Coach (

Nicole has helped me get a handle on my money, figure out what’s more important and how to pay for it, and stretch my funds without feeling deprived or shamed.

In short, she is awesome.

-- Tanya

Before I signed up for money coaching, I wondered if it could help me break out of my long-standing financial patterns.

But Nicole helped me identify my financial blind spots and provided the accountability to stay engaged with my finances. I now feel supported, hopeful, and responsible to myself.

-- Allison Antoinette, Entrepreneur 

When I started working with Nicole I was afraid all my bad habits would be judged. But the exact opposite happened.

Nicole helped me look at my habits without labeling them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Now my mindset is to be more forgiving, I have more discipline, and I have the tools to understand where my money is going – and it’s totally painless (dare I say it, even fun!).

-- Lauren, Writer

You can take control of your money. You can take your power back.

But by all means - keep the lattes, if that’s your thing.


Are you ready to build wealth with intention and purpose?

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