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“What should I be doing with my money?”

I've worked with people who are drowning in debt and people who are independently wealthy.


They all want to know...

“What should I be doing with my money? Am I doing enough?”

The feeling that you should be doing better is universal.


But the right answer is unique to you and your journey.


Your relationship with money is more involved than a budget, debt repayment plan, and a retirement account.


It's also the deeper work of understanding your numbers, analyzing your mindset, and figuring out how the most aligned way for you to make and spend money in this world.


Take the quiz to find out where you are on your money journey and what you should be doing NOW to boost your money confidence.

It's time to make confident money decisons.

About Nicole


Nicole Cooley

Money Coach
I help people transform their personal finances by giving them a system to manage their money in a way that aligns with their budget AND their values. I want you to reach your financial goals while spending money on the services, products and companies that matter to you the most.