Ditch the Debt:

The 5 Day Challenge Starts Feb 12th 

Shift your mindset, take back control and be done with debt... for good.

In This Free Challenge I will show you...

  • The step that most people miss with their debt repayment plan
  • My counterintuitive method to keep you OUT of debt
  • How to cut back on spending without feeling like it (and keep the lattes!)
  • How to shift your mindset to leave your debt stress behind

About Nicole


Nicole Cooley

Money Coach
I help my clients manage their family finances in a new, fresh way by replacing unconscious spending habits with value-based spending. I work with my clients to build customized spending plans while exploring limiting beliefs and money mindset blocks. I believe you can do anything, but not everything and your numbers will show you the way.

What others are saying about Nicole

Working with Nicole was amazing. She made a debt-free plan for my family that got us excited about paying off our debts. She helped get us back on track with our finances and I'm so grateful! 

Lily, Entreprenuer


I have a game plan for paying off my debt and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lisa M, Business Analyst

I already feel freer and less anxious about money and I haven't even looked at the numbers yet.

Mark G, Therapist

I feel hopeful, supported and responsible to myself.

Allison A, Health and Wellness Coach

In This Free Challenge I will show you...

  • The debt strategy most people miss
  • Learn how to stay OUT of debt
  • How to cut back with out feeling like it
  • Leave debt stress behind
  • Did I mention it's free? Join us.